Holy Name Society


The aim of the Holy Name Society is to honor the names of God and of Jesus Christ by the examples of a sensible religious life, to spread and increase love for the sacred name of Jesus Christ, to suppress blasphemy, profane and indecent language, to impart to Christians courage in the profession of their faith.

The Holy Name Society owes its origin to Pope Gregory X in the year 1274, which commanded the newly founded Dominican Order to inculcate greater devotion to the holy names of God and Jesus Christ. 

Members abstain from every form of profane and unbecoming speech, safeguard the proper observance of Sundays and holidays of obligation, and receive Holy Communion with the members of the Society on the second Sunday of each month.


On the second Sunday of each month, we celebrate the 8:00 am Mass together and meet briefly after Mass in the Community Center for a coffee and donut reception.

Radio Rosary

For the past 60 years the Archdiocese of New Orleans Holy Name Society has been broadcasting nightly, at 6:00 pm, the rosary on AM Radio Station 600. Beginning in 2011, the St. Clement of Rome Holy Name Society has joined the Archdiocese in these broadcasts once a month. We cordially invite anyone interested in reciting the rosary to join us in these live, remote, radio rosary broadcasts. The location of our broadcasts are from meeting room # 4 at the Community Center adjacent to the Church. We ask individuals to arrive a few minutes early because the broadcasting starts precisely at 6:00 pm. The broadcast runs for 30 minutes.

The upcoming schedule for St. Clements's participation in the Radio Rosary is:

  • Thursday, August 23rd
  • Thursday, September 27th
  • Monday, October 29th

Additional Information

The Holy Name Society of St. Clement of Rome Parish extends an open invitation for you to join. 

Would you like to know more about the work of Holy Name Societies in the Archdiocese of New Orleans? Explore their website.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer with the Holy Name Society, please contact the office at the Parish Center (504) 887-7821.