The Sacrament of Marriage establishes a covenant relationship of Life and Love between the spouses and God. They reflect Jesus to each other and to the community of Faith. Therefore, our Church requires special preparation for engaged couples who wish to marry at St. Clement of Rome. Congratulations! The priests, deacons, marriage preparation ministry couples and staff of St. Clement of Rome Parish join all the people of God in our parish in congratulating you on your decision to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony. We at St. Clement participate in the Archdiocesan Marriage Program.

We request the reservation of the church at least 6 months before marriage. You should not mail your wedding invitations until you have completed your Marriage Preparation Program with the priest/deacon. Normally you will visit the priest/deacon three times, with factual information given to you on your first visit. The FOCCUS Program (Pre-Marriage Inventory) will be taken immediately following this visit with a marriage preparation couple in our parish. Theresa Laughlin, St. Clement of Rome’s Wedding Coordinator, will set up your FOCCUS with a marriage preparation couple. You will meet with them in their home. They will monitor the FOCCUS and meet again with you to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship. Next, you will meet with the priest/deacon for a second interview. You are encouraged to also take instruction in a natural family planning course, call the Family Life Office to register. You will need to participate in an Engaged Couples Program. There are four programs from which to choose:

  1. SPONSOR COUPLE: The engaged couple will meet with a sponsor couple from the parish in their home. It will consist of five one-on-one sessions.
  2. ENGAGED ENCOUNTER: A WEEKEND RETREAT for couples contemplating marriage. Call the Family Life Apostolate Office at 861-6243 for more information and registration.
  3. DAY FOR THE ENGAGED: This is a 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. program on a Saturday or Sunday. Call the Family Life Apostolate Office at 861-6243 for more information and registration.
  4. RE-MARRIAGE PREPARATION: (for couples who have been previously married) This program consists of three sessions held usually during three evenings in a week. Call the Family Life Apostolate Office at 861-6243 for more information and registration.

Next, you will complete your interviews with the priest/deacon. You must bring in a baptismal certificate issued within the last 6 months which includes your confirmation date and marital status. For non-Catholics, a parent must visit with the priest to make a statement under oath concerning baptismal and martial status. In mixed marriages, the Catholic party will sign a statement concerning his/her intention to continue practicing the faith, and baptizing and educating their children in the faith. A Mass may be celebrated with permission of the Bishop, for a Christian marriage for a mixed religion couple. If one person is unbaptized a Mass may not be celebrated. In order to obtain a marriage license, you will need a record of birth. The license must be at least three days old before it can be used, and it is good for 30 days. When a priest/deacon from another parish is officiating at a wedding, ALL THESE PROCEDURES ARE TO BE FOLLOWED. He must complete the questionnaire and return it to St. Clement of Rome’s office ONE MONTH before your wedding. He must indicate his availability and will receive delegation to perform the wedding from our parish priest. A couple from another parish may be married at St. Clement of Rome church, if their pastor gives permission, and a priest is available to them.

  • MUSIC: ONLY SACRED MUSIC IS PERMITTED DURING MASS. Louis Hackett, our Music Minister is available for weddings and should be contacted at least six months in advance @504-228-6573, or e-mail him @ regarding wedding music, or you may bring in your own vocalists and/or musicians.
  • FLOWERS: Flowers, still pictures, and video are permitted. However, be mindful that the Sacrament of Matrimony is a religious ceremony that you are celebrating. Therefore, please do not overdo flowers, especially during Lent.
  • PICTURES AND VIDEO: Photographers and videos are allowed, but keep in mind this is a sacred event. No video equipment and no photographers are allowed in the sanctuary. Their activities should not interfere with the worship service.
  • KNEELERS: Three kneelers will be provided for your use. Others may not be brought in.
  • CHURCH CONTRIBUTIONS: A contribution of $200 for parishioners and $400 for non-parishioners for all weddings. Saturday afternoon weddings can start no later than 1:30 p.m. and Saturday evening weddings no earlier than 6 p.m. This fee includes the church, wedding coordinator and marriage preparation. A stipend for the priest/deacon officiating the wedding is appropriate. A $50 DEPOSIT MUST BE MADE AT TIME OF RESERVING THE CHURCH. The balance should be completed when you bring in the marriage license before the rehearsal.
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Unity Candles ARE NOT allowed. Formal attire is appropriate to a religious celebration. Please request friends not to throw rice, confetti, and bird seed or flower petals, since there is no one available to clean before the next church service.

Thank you and God bless you as you prepare for the most important event of your life. Our priest/deacon and parish staff is ready to assist you as needed. To set up an appointment or if you have any questions, please call St. Clement of Rome’s Wedding Coordinator, Theresa Laughlin, at 887-7821.

If you are considering being married at St. Clement of Rome, please review the attachment below:

Sacrament of Marriage Instructions

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