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St. Clement of Rome School is an expression of the education mission of St. Clement of Rome Parish and of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. The pastor is responsible to the archbishop for the administration of the total parish, including the parish school. The principal of the school functions as the chief administrator of the school and is a member of the parish staff. The St. Clement of Rome School Advisory Board is established by the pastor, in accord with the archdiocesan policy, to assist him and the principal in fulfilling the mission of the school. 

With the various demands for expertise made of a Catholic school principal, the need for a group of people committed to the Catholic school and willing to work for the good of the school and the parish is important. The Second Vatican Council reminded us that, through Baptism and Confirmation, all God’s people share in the threefold priestly, prophetic, and kingly mission of Jesus. Foremost in the minds of the School Advisory Board members should be the understanding of their role as evangelizers, bearers of the Good News of Jesus, and their call to reflect on the challenges of the Gospel. Implicit in this calling is the vocation to serve others following the example set by Jesus Christ of servant leadership.  By joining with other representatives of the St. Clement of Rome parish community, together they witness to the power of the Spirit at work in the whole Church. 


The St. Clement of Rome School Advisory Board functions as a consultative body and individual members may not act apart from the pastor and principal regarding decisions binding on the parish school without the approval of the pastor and without consultation with the principal.

The areas in which the Board has responsibilities and may be consulted are as follows:

1. Strategic planning

2. Policy development 

3. Finances

4. Public relations

5. Property and maintenance

6. Assist the pastor in the selection of a principal

7. Assist with the on-going evaluation of the effectiveness of educational programs

8. Evaluation of the principal’s relationship with the Board

9. Evaluation of the Board’s policies, goals and effectiveness


The Board meets regularly on the fourth Tuesday of the month with the exception of December, June, and July.

For more information, please contact the Parish Center at 887-7821.